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Beiríní - 101 Things to do...


A brilliant book with loads of photocopiable activities.

The 68 pages are based on the 2 packs of Teddies and feature activities such as colouring, tracing, matching and much, much more...!

There are activites here for every type of learner. There are even some which are especially designed for native Irish-speaking children or learners of high ability; activites which don't just aim to teach vocabulary but which are motivating, fun and challenging!

If you're using the Teddies at all, you need this book!



Béiríní - The Teddies Pack 1

Digilogue-Beirini12aA pack of twelve charts B4 size.  Printed both sides.

12 verbs in Irish on one side and a related Teddy on the second side. Click the image to see which words are included.

This must be one of our most popular products.  If you like it, why not have a look at Béiríní Pack 2!

More verbs and helpful phrases to make a great start in learning Irish.

And as if that's not enough... we've also produced a workbook which features activities for all ages and abilities based on the words and phrases learnt from Pack 1 and 2! Have a look!




Béiríní - The Teddies Pack 2

Beirini23As Stoc! Out of Stock! 

Ár leithscéal, níl an táirge seo ar fáil faoi láthair.

Apologies, this product not available at the moment.



display bordersLong strips of decorative borders which are perfect for brightening up any Display Board.

With 6 different designs in the pack, you're sure to find one to suit your display.

12 strips in the pack - each one is 1 metre long and is printed on both sides.



Caol le Caol - Spelling in Irish


'Caol le Caol, Leathan le Leathan' - Is this the most useful spelling rule of all in Irish?

A great poster illustrating the rule as a game of football between the vowels.

Even the website addresses in the background help to remember the rule! Clever!


Colours of the Rainbow


All the colours of the rainbow!

This beautiful poster will brighten up any naíonra or classroom wall.

Size: A2


Dara Droim Ar Ais - Dara

Dara1 4

Ever heard anyone speaking Irish 'back to front'?

A set of 3 posters - each 364mm x 521mm - to help learners create sentences which are the right way around!


Days of the Week - A4


A pack of 8 x A4 charts featuring the ever-popular Teddies.

On one side, the Teddies are asleep in black and white.

Then on side two, they leap into colourful action and introduce their Day.

Alliteration is built into each chart:

Bíonn Teidí liath ag leim ar an Luan, Bíonn Teidí marún mísciúil ar an Máirt, Bíonn Teidí corcra ag cócaireacht ar an gCéadaoin, Bíonn Teidí dearg ag dreapadh ar an Déardaoin, Bíonn Teidí oráiste aoibhinn ar an Aoine


Days of the Week - Beag

LaethantaANLUAN123A simple pack of all the days of the week in the full colours of the rainbow!

Side 1: An Luan, An Mháirt, An Chéadaoin, An Déardaoin, An Aoine, An Satharn agus An Domhnach

Side 2: Dé Luain, Dé Máírt, Dé Céadaoin, Déardaoin, Dé hAoine, Dé Sathairn agus Dé Domhnaigh

We have to keep everybody happy!




Straoiseoga - Emoticons.

Just like the 'Mothúcháin' poster but more suitable for anyone - young or old - who has a mobile phone!

Size: 364mm x 521mm



MothuchainBEAGIdeal for younger children, a collection of faces showing all kinds of feelings.

Size 364mm x 521mm


Green Signs for the Classroom

FOGRAIglasaDIGILOGUEAny school interested in promoting the Environment needs this pack!

Tá na fógraí seo oiriúnach le crochadh ar fud na scoile to remind everyone to do their bit to help save energy!

8 different slogans - The pack contains 1 x A4 of each slogan plus 2 x A5 of each slogan.

That's 24 signs in all. Great value!


Irish Grammar 1-5


A set of five posters which cover all the rules you need to know about Masculine and Feminine nouns in Irish.

1 - how nouns change after the word 'an'

2 - how the adjective agrees with the noun

3 - how nouns change in the Genetive Case

4 - how the adjective agrees with nouns in the plural (masc. and fem.)

5 - plural masculine nouns and how the spelling of the adjective changes

These posters are an invaluable aid to teaching the basic rules of grammar.


Irregular Verbs


A pack of 11 posters each one A3 size.

All of the Irregular Verbs in Irish.

The Present Tense, The Past Tense and the Future Tense.

Also features the Question Form and both Positive and Negative Answer Form.

The whole shebang!


My, Your, His, Her



A lovely clear presentation of all the rules in Irish which apply to the words which come after 'my', 'your', 'his', 'her'... etc.

Includes words that start with consonants and those that start with a vowel.


Nathanna Cainte - Idioms




A set of 12 banners (640mm x 150mm) printed both sides and featuring idioms for use in everyday speech.

Ideal for helping learners sound a bit more natural when they're speaking Irish.


Parts of the Body 1



A basic chart with first words for the parts of the body.

Lovely and bright with shapes and colours to help all kinds of learners.

Size: 364mm x 571mm


Parts of the Body 2


A second chart showing more words for parts of the body.

Colours and shapes used once more to help different kinds of learners remember the words.

Size: 364mm x 571mm


Prepositional Pronouns


12 charts in all - each approx. 210mm x 320mm

Every Prepositional Pronoun you are ever likely to need!

ag, ar, as, chuig, de, do, faoi, i, le, ó,  roimh agus thar

12 full lists in full colour. Wonderful!





ReamhfhocailShimpliDIGILOThe perfect poster for explaining the rules of Prepositions in Irish.

Size 364mm x 521mm


Question Words


All learners need to be able to ask questions!

This poster will help them do just that

This poster features 6 question words

Plus! All important information of whether to use 'a bhfuil' or 'atá' with each one


Roimh v Sula

RoimhvSulaDIGILOConfused about the difference between 'Roimh' and 'Sula'?

You needn't be any more! This poster clearly lays out the rules behind the use of the two words.

Size 364mm x 521mm


Seanfhocail - Proverbs




A set of 12 banners (640mm x 150m) featuring proverbs on one side and on the other, a collection of tongue twisters and riddles.

Ideal for use as 'Nath Cainte na Seachtaine'. Would also be great for introducing some Irish around the school!


Sounds of the Letters in Irish


This poster gives a guide to how the letters of the Irish alphabet can change and what sound they make when they do so. Pretty cool.


Tuiseal Ginideach


Face the Tuiseal Ginideach with courage!

A brilliant set of 6 posters showing all the cases where you actually use the Tuiseal Gindeach.

Each poster shows how masculaine and feminine nouns change. 


Verb Tables

Digilogue-BriathraCludachJPGThis is possibly the best verb table book on the market!

A simple A5 booklet with clear, bilingual, easy to use tables.

It features Group 1 and Group 2 Verbs plus all the Irregular Verbs written out in full, as well as loads of really useful sample questions and answers.


Discounts available on this product:

1 x Briathra na Gaeilge = €5.00

5 x Briathra na Gaeilge = €4.00 each = €20.00

10 x Briathra na Gaeilge = €3.50 each = €35.00

More than 10 copies of 'Briathra na Gaeilge' = €3.00 each